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February 2019

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Local Group at WCF Country and Garden Centre - Report

Local Group at WCF Country and Garden Centre - Report

We were invited to attend the WCF store at Claughton on Saturday 23 February 2019 to give advice on feeding garden birds.

We took our table top display along, with lots of leaflets about feeding birds, putting up nest boxes, and creating a wildlife garden. We also had a good supply of our programme and group membership leaflets.
We were able to talk to customers about birds and to promote our group and the RSPB.

A lot of customers were already feeding birds in their gardens and were calling in for further supplies.
The WCF store sells a range of country goods including supplies for pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits, equipment and food for poultry and horses and a range of outdoor clothing. There is also a garden centre with plants and gardening equipment.

They have a good selection of bird food and feeders including their own label bird seeds. The company are now also selling RSPB bird seeds in their stores. So if you haven't time to call at Leighton Moss for your RSPB seeds maybe Claughton is the answer.

The staff are very supportive of the RSPB and were eager to promote our group to their customers. The company had also given a 10% discount on bird food sold on the day. After a good day on the Saturday the staff asked us to leave our display up for the Sunday so they could pass on information to more customers.