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August 2020

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Barn owl looking over its shoulder

RSPB Lancaster Local Group AGM 2020

RSPB Lancaster Local Group AGM to be held by post/email on Friday 21st August 2020

Please note that RSPB Lancaster Local Group members will be contacted by email or post with more details of our AGM.

Copies of the relevant papers will be available for inspection prior to the meeting date and can be obtained by RSPB Lancaster Local Group Members on request, by email from or by post from the acting Local Group Secretary.

Annual General Meeting Agenda

1. Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 18 September 2019
2. Apologies for absence
3. Leader's report and annual review
4. Treasurer's report and accounts to 31st March 2020
5. Committee membership
6. Any other business

We have committee vacancies for a group leader or an officer as the RSPB contact and for the roles of organiser of indoor or outdoor meetings, publicity officer and general support. If you are willing to stand, please contact the local group with your details before the AGM date.