Trip reports

RSPB/LDBWS Joint Outing - Bull Beck to Crook of Lune

Oystercatcher wading in shallow water

Monday, 25 June 2012

On the 25th June 2012, members from both groups led by Jean Roberts, enjoyed
a walk along the River Lune. Members enjoyed excellent birdwatching, so here
is Jean`s account of that morning and the many birds that were seen:

It was interesting to see how the birds fared after the huge amount of rainfall and
consequent flooding. The anglers were out in force and one has caught a whopper
of a salmon- probably nine or ten pounds.
The lambs were making an almighty racket as their mums were penned up for shearing
and once relesed after being shaved, thesheep rocketed along the path back to their
offspring and you had to step quickly to one side to avoid being flattened!
The birds: Mega!! Pink-footed Goose -1 (a bird with an injured wing) hanging out with
the Canada Geese noted below. Greylag Goose -3 (the rest of the gang were just upstream
from Bull Beck) Canada Goose -2 Shelduck -2 Mallard-23 adults , 2 broods of chicks,
one lot very small, the other lot consisted of 8 quite large youngsters and surprising that
such a large number had survived to this size. Comorant -1 Grey Heron - 1 relatively
young bird Peregrine- 1 extremely high bird Oystercatcher- 8 Lapwing- 1 in the field
before the Crook and probably an off -duty bird from the late sown maize field near the
waterworks at Caton where 6 pairs are nesting, 2 broods of tiny chicks so far but difficult
to see against the background of soil amongst the lines of maize: 1 brood of 2 and 1 of
at least 1 seen. Curlew- a pair attempting to nest in the silage fields again plus 1 other
bird. Common Sandpiper- 8 (probably at least 1 large youngster amongst them but too
distant to be sure). Lesser Black-backed Gull- 2 Woodpigeon - 3 seen Swift - 12 feeding
over the fields, Swallow- 4+ Kingfisher- 1 at Artle Beck/Lune shingle Sandmartin- 144
holes, at least half currently active, particularly close to the Crook. The ones upstream
have suffered more from flooding and their has been a fair bit of bank slippage in places.
Grey Wagtail - 16 birds, including young birds (2x2, 1x4) Pied Wagtail -9, including
young birds (1x1, 2x2) Wren - 4 singing Dunnock- 2+ singing Robin- present, no count
Blackbird - 1+ Songthrush -2 singing Blackcap- 2 singing (more along the cycle path)
Chiffchaff- 1 (plus 1 along the cycle path) Coal Tit - 2 heard Blue Tit-didn`t count but 5+
along with juvenile birds Great Tit- didn`t count, as for Blue Tit Treecreeper- 1 heard
Magpie- 2 Jackdaw- 30 or so near Low Mill Rook- 10 Carrion Crow- 2 Starling -32
(including juvenile birds) Chaffinch - 1 heard Goldfinch - several, no count Siskin- 1 heard
Reed Bunting- 5 singing males plus one other bird.

Jean Roberts