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Teal Bay Meeting

Oystercatcher wading in shallow water
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Friday, 11 December 2015

Teal Bay meeting 9.30am 11th December 2015

A group of 8 met to watch the tide come in at Teal Bay on a cold and windy day in December. A number of oystercatchers and redshanks were already ensconced on a small rocky outcrop quite close by to our left so we had good views of them. A group of dunlin flew in and mixed with the redshanks while a number of wigeon were bobbing about on the calmer water in front of the rocks. A male eider was spotted in the distance and he favoured us with a closer view in the choppy waters behind the rocks. He moved to the shore to our right for a quick preen and then sailed in front of us towards the rocks giving us a very close view of a beautiful bird. A turnstone was spotted among the redshanks and a snipe flew across in front of us disappearing into the grassy tussocks. There were a few black-headed gulls on the sea and a greater black-backed gull was also seen. A group of gulls flew over Hest Bank in the distance, some starlings flew in and a lapwing, a carrion crow and a cheeky robin were also seen. As high tide had passed and a shower was looming we all moved on to Heysham to enjoy a hot drink of tea, coffee or mulled wine accompanied by mince pies. Our thanks go to Chris and Bill Ashby for their hospitality and for leading this outing.
Wishing everyone a very enjoyable time at Christmas and hope to see you all at our meetings in the New Year.
Valerie Hall