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Visit to Brown Robin Nature Reserve

Goldfinch on seed feeder
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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The weather forecast for this day did not look good with snow and strong winds in the mix. The target bird was the hawfinch, which we hoped to spot sitting in the top of the trees, which being leafless at this time of year could give us good views, but we were disappointed. I guess the birds must have heard the forecast and decided the strong winds would be too much to cope with as did some of our group members. However 6 of us set off, ever hopeful, with the honorary warden Tony Saunders leading the way, some of the party enjoying the fact this was their first visit to the reserve. We made our way through the hotel grounds to the reserve entrance, stopping on the way to view the birds at the feeding station where we saw chaffinch, goldfinch and a great tit. We also had a good view of a bullfinch in the trees nearby. After entering the reserve we climbed up the hill with clear views over Morecambe bay at high tide but sadly lacking any birds. We dropped down into the valley where we did see a pheasant, a jackdaw, a sparrowhawk and a mistle thrush. Some members of the group heard a hawfinch but it did not show.

After the walk through the reserve we decided not to continue down to the bay as the wind would also cut down the chance of any good sightings there. So after a brew in the woodland workshop, we returned to the car park. This was well timed as the snow started to fall just as we arrived back at hom