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Visit to Littledale

Visit to Littledale
Littledale group by Graham Thomas

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A small party of 6 met in Littledale at Little Crags at 10.30am.
This is a beautiful Valley situated 5 miles east of Lancaster.
 We set off on a path that descended to Skelbow Barn. It was searched but no Owls located. 
A Cuckoo was heard for the first time. I think there were two around and were calling all day. The path continued through beautiful woods with streams meandering through the valley to Wisp Ford and footbridge then climbed to Bellhill Farm.
 We turned right to Fieldhead Farm then descended to the wood and eventually found the footbridge to cross the stream
. Had lunch sat on some logs by an old outhouse belonging to Littledale Hall. Found a date plaque with dates 
1656 and 1928. Walked through Littledale Hall and along a track. Came across a well deserted Chapel with lots of nests of Jackdaws.
 Gained the road again and passed the 17th Century Crossbill Farm.

At New House Farm crossroads we turned left to descend to the Scout Camp where we heard then saw a male Pied Flycatcher. 
At Udale Bridge we stopped for a team photo before climbing the steep section of road. It was an opportunity to have a rest and seek out all the wild flowers on the banks at the roadside including; Wild Strawberry, Lesser Stitchwort, Wood Sorrel, Herb Robert, and Bluebell.
 Walked through Pott Yeats Farm to gain height and walk alongside a wall. After a rest stop on a Drystone wall we crossed some marshy land then Troulmire Barn then the road.
 Turned left then climbed up among the Millstone Outcrops, Gorse and Scrub of Baines Crags to end that had been a lovely day. 
We had covered between 6 and 7 miles in 5 hours.

Graham Thomas

Birds seen or heard during the day
Red Legged Partridge, 
House Martin, 
Black-headed Gull, 
Lesser Black-backed Gull, 
Wood Pigeon, 
Cuckoo h, 
Carrion Crow, 
Goldcrest h, 
Blue Tit, 
Great Tit, 
Coal Tit h, 
Blackcap h,
 Garden Warbler h, 
Chiffchaff h, 
Willow Warbler h,
Nuthatch h, 
Wren h, 
Mistle Thrush, 
House Sparrow, 
Dunnock h, 
Meadow Pipit, 
Pied Flycatcher m, 
Redstart h, 
Wheatear m, 
Pied Wagtail, 
Goldfinch h, 
Reed Bunting h