Trip reports

Osprey boat trip on Esthwaite Water

Osprey in larch tree

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

A party of 16 met at the car park by Esthwaite Water in the South lakes. The weather forecast was not good but everyone who had booked had set out hoping the weather would be kind but knowing after all that this was the Lake District. As the rain came down and a mist covered the lake we all assembled in the cafe watching on the screen there live footage of the ospreys on one of the nests. The proprietor had told us that it was not possible to take out the boats until the visibility improved and the rain slackened.

Eventually there came a break in the rain and the mist lifted. We were taken down to the slipway and fitted with life jackets. We boarded the boats in groups of 4 to a boat, but by the time the last boat had set out the rain started again. We continued our journey around the lake gliding quietly under the power of the electric engines. We did get good views of ospreys flying overhead and perched in the trees in the area of one nest and of a party of great crested grebes swimming close by the boat. But the photographers had problems getting good shots with rain spots on their camera lens. Everyone arrived back on the shore soaked but pleased that they did get to go out in the boats and were able to enjoy the experience of viewing the birds from the lake.
Valerie Hall