Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Great tit perched in small tree

Feeding garden birds is not just a winter sport!

It's a common myth that we should only feed garden birds in winter.

Feeding birds in the colder months can help them make it through to spring, but provided you choose the right foods you can give your local bird population a boost all year round - whether it's supplementing the diet of busy new parents working hard to feed their broods, helping fledglings to find their feet or making it easier for birds to put on a bit of fat for the winter. And if you feed the birds all year round you will see more in your garden as a reward.

Just remember to use good quality food (bread for example is not a good choice as it has little nutritional value for birds and just fills them up), keep your feeders clean to help prevent disease, and lay on a supply of clean, fresh water as well.

For more advice on what you can feed the birds in your garden, follow this link: