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A spring time amble around Carr Mill

A spring time amble around Carr Mill
Carr mill swan - H Mills

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday's outing was to a fairly local and popular venue, Carr Mill. The dam was created in the 18th centuary to help local industry, and act as a feeder to the then Sankey canal. Regrettably, the weather was not exactly spring like, with early frequent showers coupled with a strong cold wind. However, it did brighten up after lunch.

Carr Mill is noted for it's Gt Crested Grebes, and they did not disappoint us. We witnessed 2 pairs going through their charming synchronised courtship rituals. Overhead, the swallows and house martins were restircted to flying at low levels, and were certainly not amused by the prevailing weather conditions. Nevertheless, they were a welcome sight.

We had our lunch just above where a Mute Sean was sitting on 7 eggs. Unfortunately, shortly after, we learnt that her mate had been savaged to death by dogs a few days earlier. So whether she will successfully rear her brood is questionable.
Other highlights of the trip included seeing several kestrels, and a favourite on many outings, the Great spotted woodpecker. Our last bird of the day was another welcome one, a chiffchaff, by which time the sun had finally decided to make a late appearance!

Total of 26 species seen:
Swallow, mallard, house martin, coot, chiffchaff, linnet, magpie, gt crested grebe, blackbird, goldfinch, lesser black backed gull, blue tit, grey wagtail, canada goose, black headed gull, mute swan, kestrel, dunnock, great tit, crow, wood pigeon, chaffinch, robin, pied wagtail, moorhen, gt spotted woodpecker.