Trip reports

Blythburgh Wednesday 19 October

little egret, wading, water

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Recently the winds have been from the east or north so most of the migrants have swept past our coast without stopping (marvellous for them - not so good for us birders). So I did not hope for anything unusual on our morning walk beside the river Blyth. We started at Blythburgh Bridge and could see redshank, shelduck, dunlin and black-tailed godwits searching for food in the mud in the distance. One bar-tailed godwit was there too. It was sunny but windy where we stood so we continued along the path to the hide. Pat Chilvers spotted a short-eared owl being mobbed by a marsh harrier. Several little egrets were disturbed by us as we walked along the boardwalk. Bearded tits could be heard in the reeds and I did see two parties of them.
Tony stayed in the hide as a few of us walked to the woods and he saw one knot. Through the trees we saw a group of avocets on the mud flats. Nothing else was seen or heard in the woods except several blackbirds flushed from a nearby tree - probably migrants from the continent. We met two men who had come to East Anglia to bird here for a few days but they had very few sightings and were very disappointed.
It was a lovely morning so we enjoyed the walk in the sunshine despite the lack of birds.

Daphne Hayward