Trip reports

Minsmere and Westleton Nightjar Walk, Wednesday 11 July

Heathland at Minsmere nature reserve

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

--and they did. At Minsmere, it stayed sunny most of the trime but became colder as evening approached. From South hide we saw Little Gulls (some still in full breeding plumage) one Little Tern, one Ringed Plover plus a solitary Knot. On the way there, a Hobby was seen perched on a dead tree then it did a quick dash over the reeds and returned clasping a chick. A Common Tern raced after it screaming but obviously the Hobby needed food so kept it. The parent Tern would chase it but could not attack it, such is nature.
Our next walk was to Bittern hide but we saw very little. One Bittern was spotted and the Marsh Harriers appeared to be feeding young in the reeds as they landed in the same spot several times.
We drove to Westleton Heath and stood on the old Roman road for a long time. The night was clear and cold but we were only rewarded by hearing churring calls and they were at a distance. As we were leaving we heard loud churring from the dead tree area on our way back to the cars but still no sightings. Does this mean they are in decline too? There was a distinct lack of moths (their main food source) that night.
However, on my way home, I stopped at the small car park (where the deer watch starts) and heard a Nightjar calling repeatedly from the trees behind the gate. Next year, I shall stand there as I have had good sightings in past years.

When is this awful weather going to stop?Or will it ever?

Daphne Hayward