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Breydon Water

Breydon Water
Pat chilvers

Thursday, 10 October 2013

It was a fine day on the Friday on walking back from town along the coast. It was not a fine day on the Thursday when the club had their October meeting at Breydon Water, the strong wind from the north east and frequent showers of rain made us alter our plans and start from the north side of the river and park in the supermarket car park. But surely no one would turn out on such a miserable day. Still Edwina and I arrived at the rugby club's car park and saw the large flock of starlings doing what they do beautifully their aerial 'dance', a fine sight witnessed from inside the car. A smaller flock of lapwings, probably displaced from the high tide also took to the air occasionally. But no one would turn up surely. How wrong can you be 5 people did arrive including Julie the group leader Howard and Sue, Paul and Pat. They all agreed to go over to the other side of the river, at least we could get out of the viscous wind by staying under the road bridge. Unknown to the 7 of us we could well have established a group record by doing so. Well Paul had his telescope and we picked out avocets, black tailed godwits, and many of them still with 'fragments' of their breeding plumage. There were redshank, what could have been dunlin, they were also keeping their head down and who could blame them? Some waterfowl, brent geese, pintail, teal, large numbers approaching 100, widgeon and a couple of shelducks. A skylark was doing its ballet in the air and that brought a meadow pipit to also fly. It was windy and Paul had problems keeping his 'scope from being blown over and even under the road bridge it was still windy so not surprisingly we all decided to call it a day with perhaps 30 to 40 species seen and not go and search for Mediterranean gulls on Yarmouth's beach. So what was the group record, certainly not the most or least birds seen or even the least? There is work on raising the estuary banks to help prevent flooding of Yarmouth and to the east of the road bridge was a wire fence blocking off the footpath preventing us from reaching the bird hide, so from the car park to the fence was at the most 200 yards. So is that a record for the group a field trip of just 200 yards?

C.K Moore Basher IIIrd