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Walk to Surlingham Broad Monday June 9

Walk to Surlingham Broad Monday June 9
Pat Chilvers

Monday, 9 June 2014

This did not produce anything more than wood pigeon and collared doves. I chose to walk along the river bank towards the hide thinking we would get nice views of the river. There were patches of yellow brandy bottle water lilies at the edges of the water. Canada and greylag geese had lots of youngsters with them and when we reached a bend in the river we saw a pair of great crested grebes. One parent had two striped young nestling in the feathers on its back and we watched a donation of a tiny fish to one youngster. We had heard a call which we did not recognise and it turned out to be the Grebe calling.
Some saw a bird flying into a tree which turned out to be a cuckoo then chiffchaff and wren but most birds were heard and not seen in the dense growth along the river banks.
On reaching the Broad, we added tufted duck, mallard, moorhen and a pair of shelducks with eight small youngsters. One marsh harrier drifted along the distant treeline and a heron landed on the mud near tiny ducklings which were ushered away by their mother.
It was a fine morning for a gentle stroll. Edwina showed us tiny moths on nettles which were called unsurprisingly nettletaps. Blue damselflies were everywhere and we all had good views of banded demoiselles - beautifully iridescent colours when seen in close-up also small tortoiseshell butterflies were seen on the nettles.
The last bird seen by most of us was a common whitethroat making its scratchy "song" from a high perch in a bush.
We concluded the circular walk of about one and a half miles at 12.55pm with a total of 44 birds seen.

Daphne Hayward