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September 2014

Monday, 29 September 2014

Male merlin perched on old fence post, Shetland

September 2014 Wildlife Sightings

Please report your wildlife sightings within approximately one hours drive of Macclesfield to:

September 2014

Merlin - chasing a
Axe Edge Moor
Matt Lawton

Common Buzzard (5) - being mobbed by:
Peregrine Falcon (2)(m+f)
Peregrine Falcon (1) - Heard calling / screaming from within the forest
Merlin (prob m) - Flying past the commotion.
Macclesfield Forest (towards Pigford Moor)
Matt Lawton

21st (19:07)
Jackdaw (c150) - Sudden noisy spectacular gathering in mature trees lasting 10 mins before flying off S.E. to roost.
Garden at rear of Thirlmere - Ivy Farm Estate
Gordon and Rita Howard

Ring Ouzel (f)
Between Naychurch Farm and Hen Cloud
Ann Eden

16th (c13:30)
Fieldfare (4) - In flight then landing in one of the large trees in his Garden
NB! - This is our first Winter Thrush report
Rob Barker

David Collis

6th (pm)
Little Grebe (6+ inc. juv.)
Moorhen (6+)
Great Crested Grebe (2)
Cormorant (2)
Tufted Duck (sev.)
Mallard (sev.)
Canada Goose (c30 - grazing)
Pied Wagtail (2)
Swallow (c20 - overhead wire)
Black-headed Gull (sev.)
A walk around The Langley Reservoirs
Gordon and Rita Howard

3rd (08.00)
Cackling Goose - (Branta hutchinsii) - NB! separate species from Canada Goose (B. canadensis)
Pheasant - (Phasianus colchicus)
Red Fox - (Vulpes vulpes)
David Collis

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WOW Extravaganza 2014

WOW Extravaganza 2014

The weather kept fair and the people came to enjoy a 'Contact with Wildlife' at this wonderful venue, PIKELOW FARM generously given over for the day by the proprietors and wildlife enthusiasts David and Ann Taylor. Close to 1000 visitors and volunteers made the day a huge success during which over £5500 was raised for The RSPB for the benefit of wildlife.

Visitors included the Deputy Mayor of the Borough of Cheshire East, Councillor Mrs. Hilda Gaddum, who formally opened the event accompanied by the Deputy Mayoress, Mrs. Jane Gaddum, our local MP, Mr David Rutley and RSPB Regional Director for Northern England, Mr Peter Robertson. All made clear how impressed they were by the scale of the event.

As ever, our most grateful thanks go to our sponsors, and to all our friends, colleagues and volunteers who made the day possible.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

WOW - Wildlife and Outdoor World Extravaganza

WOW - Wildlife and Outdoor World Extravaganza

A family fun day with exhibits, craft stalls, demonstrations, competitions and activities for children, all with a wildlife or rural theme.

Event held at - Pikelow Farm, School Lane, Marton, SK11 9HD

Adults £6, under 16s £3, Children under 5 FREE - Pre-Event tickets: Adults £4, under 16s £2, Children under 5 FREE