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October 2015

Saturday, 31 October 2015

October 2015 Wildlife sightings

October 2015 Wildlife sightings

Please report your wildlife sightings seen within approximately a one hour drive of Macclesfield together with a clear subject image if available to:
(NB! - image is not essential)

31 (am)
Fieldfare (30)
Snipe (2)
River Bollin - Prestbury beyond sewage works
Steve McCoskery

29th (am)
Redwing (c40) and
Fieldfare (c110)
(mixed flock -150+birds)
Overflying Prestbury village

Raven (2)
Overflying Prestbury village
Steve McCoskery

Redwing (12)
Garden sighting Ashbrook Drive Prestbury
Steve McCoskery

River Bollin Prestbury near village club
Steve McCoskery

20th (pm)
Snipe (71) (remarkable group) !!
Green Sandpiper
Lapwing (50+)
Rudyard Lake (North End)
Paul Flackett

18th (09:45)
Barnacle Goose (Large skein)
Flying S. very high
Seen from Clevedon Close (Macclesfield)
Paul B (?)

18th (09:00)
Pink-footed Goose (Skein of c150)
(2/3 more skeins heard)
Rainow (Macclesfield)
Paul Flackett

16th (09:30)
South Park (Macclesfield)
Maurice Peall

15th (pre 08:30)
Bollinbrook Road Area
Daryll Bailey

14th (am)
Fieldfare (c6)
Rob Barker

6th (11:30)
(being mobbed by Crows)
Ridge Hill area -Higher Sutton
Bernard and Margaret Robinson

6th (09:05)
Redwing (c30)
Over flying Rydal Place
Ivy Farm Est. (Macclesfield)
Simon Jackson

3rd (am)
Fieldfare (6)
First winter Thrush report !!
Wildboarclough (perched on overhead lines.)
Rob Barker

2nd (08:30)
Greater Spotted Woodpecker (juv.)
Garden sighting
Ivy Farm Est. (Macclesfield)
Gordon Howard

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

October Heron - Monthly Newsletter

October Heron - Monthly Newsletter

Download the Heron Newsletter (pdf file) for the latest news and articles of interest

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Start your Garden Bird Survey

Start your Garden Bird Survey

1. Please tick each bird seen in your garden or record O/H for birds seen flying overhead in the appropriate week's column. All records are important, so even if you have only a few species in your garden, please complete the survey.
2. Add to the list any other species seen in your garden.
3. Any birds seen in neighbouring fields or gardens should be included under interesting sightings.
4. For any week you are unable to record write N/C at the head of the column.
5. Give full details of any interesting sightings in your garden, or within the local area, at the bottom of this form.
6. Record the first dates you see or hear locally any of the summer migrants listed below
7. Please return the completed form at the Group meeting in May, or by the 31st May 2015 To:

Ian Taylor,
39, Leamington Road,
Congleton, Cheshire,
CW12 4PE
Tel 01260 275248

Download file