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July 2018

Friday, 27 July 2018

July 2018 - Wildlife Sightings

July 2018 - Wildlife Sightings

Please report your wildlife sightings seen within approximately a one hour drive of Macclesfield together with a clear subject image if available to:
(NB! - image is not essential)

27 July 2018 Prestbury sewage works area.
15 swallow, kingfisher, adult dipper, three juvenile grey wagtail, female mandarin, group of four garden warbler.
Steve McCoskery

26 July - in Tytherington
Two lesser spotted woodpeckers on feeders
Bob Dale

26 July
Reed warbler - Jacksons' Brickworks LNR - 1st site record - 21st July
Red kite - Jacksons' Brickworks LNR - flying low over the reserve - 26th July
Pete Dowse

25 July - Midday - River Bollin along Bollin Grove Prestbury
adult dipper
Steve McCoskery

20 July at 07:33
Lovely to see around 30 swifts flying over our house in the centre of Macclesfield this morning!
Martin James

19 July - about 8.45pm.
Just to report my first sighting of short eared owl. It was flying over Cat and Fiddle road between Long Clough Farm and the junction with the Wildboarclough/Lamaload crossroads, then hunting up the hill.
Barry Hayter

19 July - Congleton
A beautiful female southern hawker was spotted in our garden shed today! We did manage to coax her out before she became too stressed!
Jean Mackey

15 July 2018 River Bollin - Prestbury sewage works area
Family group of five grey wagtail, two female mandarin, overflying cormorant, three kingfisher, adult dipper, two mink.
Steve McCoskery

14 July 2018
Sighting of little Oowl this morning around 9.30am Pennington Lane/Gawsworth Road Macclesfield.
Spotted him last Sunday morning about 6.30am but wanted to make sure.
Mike Naden

09 July 2018
No bird sightings to report, but saw this really worn Ringlet at Danes Moss this afternoon. Never seen a Ringlet there before, wondered if anyone else has? I had a similarly worn specimen in the back garden last week.
For info also saw lots of Gatekeepers, Meadow browns, Small whites, Large skippers etc, also saw a Silver Y moth, and several of what I am certain are male Oak Eggar moths absolutely bombing about. Not very many Dragons today.
Steve Davenport

09 July - River Bollin Prestbury sewage works area
Kingfisher, swallow, house martin - 2, swift - single, grey wagtail, willow warbler, blackcap, grey wagtail, mistle thrush - 2, lapwing - small flock circa 20, kestrel, mink.
Steve McCoskery

05 July 9.00pm
25+ swift above Sutton.
Chris Grime

Monday 02/07/2018 (7.00 am to 9.30 am) Danes Moss Cheshire Wildlife Trust Reserve
(Part of the Breeding Bird Survey carried out at the reserve)
30 species seen and/or heard - in particular: blackcap, buzzard, chiffchaff, common whitethroat, great spotted woodpecker, reed bunting, treecreeper, willow warbler.
Alan Brereton

01 July 2018 - garden siting Sandringham Road
Winter feeding parties are around already! 15 long-tailed tits, also some great tits, blue tits and coal tits flew into the garden and fed for a few minutes before continuing their journey.
Chris Revett