Saturday, 21 September 2019

September 2019 Wildlife Sightings

September 2019 Wildlife Sightings

Please report your wildlife sightings seen within approximately a one hour drive of Macclesfield to:
Clear photos will be welcomed and each month a pdf will be attached at the bottom of this page with a selection of photos received (if any).

21 September 2019
Photo just to give an idea of the size difference. Great white and two Little Egrets on Rudyard.
David Collis

20 September, Higher Sutton
Two swallows, two goldcrest, one chiffchaff, two stock doves, three common buzzard (including one feeding on beetles, etc. on the ground)
Tina Hanak

20 September - Tytherington this morning.
Chiffchaff - seen and heard in back garden.
David Tolliday

!8 September, early morning - Higher Sutton
Eight redwing - very active and noisy, chasing round a sycamore tree (even chased off a great tit).
Tina Hanak

16 September - Rudyard
great white egret still there this morning.
David Collis

15 September - more migrants, Higher Sutton
This lunchtime. 24 mixed fieldfare and redwing stripping Rowan.
Tina Hanak

Wednesday 11 September - Higher Sutton
14 house martins, green woodpecker, three buzzards, willow warbler.
Thursday 12 September - Higher Sutton
15 swallows AM, 16 House martins pm.
Friday 13 September - Higher Sutton
Six (yes, six!) ravens wheeling over the house. Low enough to actually hear the noise of their wingbeats. Glorious - glossy black in the sunlight against a bright blue sky.
Saturday 14 September - Higher Sutton
55 mixed swallows/house martins,
Tina Hanack

12 September 2019, 8.00 am on Rudyard.
Great white egret.
David Collis.

10 September 2019
This afternoon I saw approximately 20 Ravens on the road between Higher Sutton and Wincle.
They were playing on the wind coming over the ridge as they do.
Rob Barker

07 September 2019 at 23.00
Tawny owl perched on a lamp post on London Road, Prestbury.
Laura Howard

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