Thursday, 14 May 2020

Swifts Over Macclesfield

Swifts Over Macclesfield

We are really keen to build up a picture of where swifts are active in our area - particularly if birds are spotted 'screaming' at low level or actively using nest sites or nestboxes.
Your sighting will be used to help us make decisions on how best to help our local swifts and will also be entered (anonymously) on the SWIFT MAPPER website which will contribute to the conservation of swifts on a national level too.

You can add your own reports to SWIFT MAPPER either through the website or app. It is easy to set up an account, however, please when prompted add the 'KEYWORD's 'Swifts Over Macclesfield' to any of your reports - this helps us to find and process data on local sightings more easily. Find out more about Swift Mapper using this link -

Please continue to report any sightings to however, to avoid double reporting do remember to let us know if you have already uploaded your report to SWIFT MAPPER.