Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Redesmere Lake Identification Boards
RSPB Macclesfield Local Group

Redesmere Lake Identification Boards

During lock-down new bird identification display boards and notices about what to feed the birds have been installed at Redesmere Lake, Siddington. This was organised by the RSPB Macclesfield Local Group with funding provided by Siddington Parish Council. Thanks go to Tunnicliffe Signs Ltd of Macclesfield for their advice about best materials and the printing of the notice boards.

Comments from the birds:


We can eat bread, but it should be part of a varied diet. If we eat only bread it fills us up but doesn't give us the same vitamins and minerals as our natural food.

Excess bread in the water can rot and cause algae to grow. This may kill fish and block sunlight from underwater plants, both of which are food for some of us.

We also like to eat bird seed, peas, oats, sweetcorn, cooked rice and specialist duck food. Please ensure any frozen food is fully defrosted.

Thank you.