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August 2016

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Photographic competition for the 2017 RSPB MLG Calendar

Photographic competition for the 2017 RSPB MLG Calendar

All entries must be solely the entrants work and not published either professionally or as an amateur in any other photographic competition.

Entries may be taken anywhere in the in Kent, but must reflect the theme.

Three entries may be submitted per entrant.

Entries should be emailed to the organising judge David Saunders at with the entrant's name and contact details.

We understand that not everyone has email/internet access, so in this instance please ring David on his mobile 07788 202 445 to make alternative arrangements.

Entries will be judged on their merits to reflect the theme and seasonality throughout the year.

The judges' decision will be final. In the unlikely event not enough entries reach the required standard, the judges' reserve the right to make alternative arrangements.

It must be clearly understood by all entrants that this is a fund raising event for the RSPB and the judges reserve the right to make decisions based on this.

Calendars will initially be on sale at the October 2016 indoor meeting.

The cover will be of a repeat of what the judges consider to be the best entry.

Monday, 1 August 2016

August Bird of the Month - Bearded Tit

August Bird of the Month - Bearded Tit

The loud metallic "ping" alerts you to their presence and if you look above the reeds you may just glimpse a long-tailed, tawny coloured bird with a hesitant flight and whirring wingbeats. The male is a stunning creature with a blue-grey head, yellow eyes and a black drooping Mexican style moustache.

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