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October 2017

Thursday, 12 October 2017

A well deserved award for our very own Des & Carol

A well deserved award for our very own Des & Carol

The RSPB President's Award is our chance to recognise those volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution to help save nature. The husband and wife team volunteer as fund raisers, campaigners and "stalwarts" for the Medway Local Group with various roles including organising events, editing the group newsletter and group publicity officers.

Carol & Des have helped formed the backbone of the Medway Local Group for over 18 years and have been an ever constant source of support in the face of a stream of complex and contentious national RSPB campaigns that have affected their Medway area of North Kent, including the current #SaveLodgeHill campaign to save the best site for nightingales in the country.

"The list of everything they do is mind-blowing. But it is the manner they do it that adds to their contribution. They are tireless, calm, absolutely dedicated, endlessly efficient, warm, humble, but perhaps most importantly ever ready to seize the initiative. They ensure that our Medway Local Group reaches out into the community, and all our members there see and hear from the RSPB at a local level." says David Saunders, Medway Local Group member.

"It would be no exaggeration to describe them as the backbone of the Medway Group or the glue that holds us all together. Not only do they publish the Newsletter, Carol and Des perform the role as membership secretaries, they run and organise the Hempstead Valley Stall at Christmas, they collect and collate the pin badge box money, and organise volunteers for our events and that is just what I know they do and I'm sure they do much more than that. They have even enrolled their children and grandchildren in the group. It would be difficult to think of a couple more deserving of the award!"

Only six RSPB President's Awards are allocated each year, recognising the outstanding contribution of volunteers. The charity could not deliver much of its work without such individuals and choosing just six is an annual challenge. Rewarding support and achievement is important to the RSPB and we have lots of opportunities across the UK where people can support our work. For details, please visit

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October Bird of the Month - Peregrine Falcon

October Bird of the Month - Peregrine Falcon

Pairs remain together for long periods. They nest on cliff and quarry ledges and increasingly on man-made structures such as power stations and cathedrals. Between 2 and 4 eggs are laid and there is one brood between March and June. Peregrines are often very vocal at their nest site.

Birds, sometimes bigger than the peregrine itself, are caught either in direct flight, taken from underneath or killed in a dramatic stoop, during which the peregrine can reach speeds of up to 200 mph.

Why not join us on Sunday 15 October where we have a great chance of connecting with this bird on our cliff-top walk at St. Margaret's and Bock Hill. Click on the url link below to watch a short video of the fastest animal on the planet!