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February 2017

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Bird of the Month - Bullfinch

February Bird of the Month - Bullfinch

In flight the white wing bars and rump are very distinctive, but when feeding quietly on soft buds, flowers and shoots in bushes and trees the bullfinch can be hard to detect. It only rarely visits feeders. A cup of twigs lined with moss and grass is built between April and June and there are usually two broods. Juveniles look similar to the less brightly coloured females but they lack the black caps. The call is a melancholic, soft piping and slightly descending "peuuw". Once learned, this call will help you to detect the bullfinch's presence in a wide range of wooded habitats. Please join our walk in Sissinghurst Castle grounds on Sunday 26th February where you will stand a good chance of seeing this smart finch. For further info why not check out the PDF Fact sheet attached or view a short video by clicking on the link.

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