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June 2018

Saturday, 30 June 2018

June Bird of the Month - Woodcock

June Bird of the Month - Woodcock

The species occurs in the UK throughout the year and feeds by probing for worms, beetles and seeds in rich leaf mould, muddy ditches and streams. In winter numbers are augmented by influxes of birds from as far away as Russia. It doesn't make them any easier to see though!

Sexes are similar with a dead-leaf pattern on the upperparts, extensive barring on the paler underside and bold black bars on the back of the angular head. The large dark eyes are located high on the head, giving the bird almost all-round vision.

The roding flight is a mysterious territorial or courtship display at just above treetop height, which involves the rapid quivering of the bowed wings accompanied by throaty frog-like croaks or grunts and high pitched whistles.

Join our evening walk on Saturday 30 June for a chance of seeing this amazing bird.

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