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June 2019

Sunday, 30 June 2019

June Bird of the Month - Woodlark

June Bird of the Month - Woodlark

Woodlark can be seen in Britain in all months of the year. They spend most of their time on the ground feeding on insects including grasshoppers, beetles and thrips and also on seeds from Scots pine trees and other plants. In winter they often feed with skylarks on arable land.

Nesting starts in March and the nest is a cup on the ground which is lined with grasses and hair. There can be 2-3 broods a year and families stay together until the autumn. Numbers have declined because of the loss of heathland and the short turf which they require.

The flight is slow and jerky with undulations as the bird flaps and glides on broad, rounded wings. The flight or alarm call is a "titloo-leet". The song can be heard by day or night from January until August, but especially between March and June and consists of fluty lu-lu-lu notes often performed in flight but sometimes from a tree.

Woodlarks have previously been seen on our walks at both Ashdown Forest and at RSPB Broadwater Warren Reserve, both in East Sussex.

For further info, click on the link to view a short BTO video helping you ID Skylark and Woodlark in the field.