Trip reports

Riverside Country Park (Leader Marie Tilley)

Riverside Country Park (Leader Marie Tilley)
Redwing (Richard Hanman)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Although the weather was a little overcast it was much milder than it had been of late. Nine members met at the Riverside CP car park. It was decided to have a quick look at Horrid Hill to see if anything was showing on the mud flats. Unfortunately, the tide was way out and although there seemed to be lots of waders they were a little way off. Fortunately, we did have a couple of telescopes with us so we could make sure everyone could see the birds. After spending some time there we then proceeded to the dock just before Motney Hill. On the way, we managed to get a sighting of a couple of redwings in a horse paddock. By then the sun had come out and we had some lovely views of pintails. Sadly, we had no avocets as they were obviously feeding further along right at the edge of the tide line.

After some time spent scanning the mud bank we sauntered back to the centre to look to see if there was any thing around the pond. A couple of the group managed to get a glimpse of the kingfisher but unfortunately it had gone when the rest went back.

We decide to do a last scan from the track by Eastcourt Meadows and managed to get some distant views of brent geese!

By this time the weather was brewing up to rain plus as it was half term the park was getting busy.

I really love Riverside CP as it is my local patch. In the winter, you can get a good array winter ducks, geese and waders, in spring we are treated to nightingales and it is one of the few places left in Kent where you can still see turtle doves. It is certainly worth a visit at any time of the year.

Marie Tilley