Trip reports

Hothfield Heathlands (Leader Karen Snow)

Hothfield Heathlands (Leader Karen Snow)
Green Woodpecker [Ben Andrews]

Sunday, 3 September 2017

So, after having to get up early on a Sunday morning to lead this walk, I arrived 15 minutes early. Those that know me well realise how rare this is! When I arrived Yeuk was already in the car park and it turned out that we were to be joined by just one other person.

The three of us wandered over to the common which was very quiet. Our first bird was a green woodpecker and it turned out to be almost the most frequent bird of the day.

We made our way around the common, across the bog and into the woodland. No sign of any yellow-hammers and the only birds flying overhead were wood pigeons and carrion crows.

Through the woodland we had glimpses of blue tits and could hear a robin calling. Back out on the common we had a sighting of a hobby. Shortly afterwards we saw another green woodpecker and woodpigeon sitting almost side by side on a tree. There was also a carrion crow at the top of the tree.

We had a second hobby being mobbed by two carrion crows which we watched for some time, then a small group of swallows. It was still very quiet for birds although we did meet quite a lot of dog walkers. There were a couple of dragonflies and butterflies but nothing of note.

Almost back to the car park we stopped by a tree covered with ivy, which proved to be our most productive area - blue tit, chiffchaff, spotted flycatcher, goldcrest and goldfinches flying over.

We saw chaffinch, great tit and another goldcrest a bit further along and at the top of the field, we had a magpie before heading back to the car park.

We tried the Triangle at the far side of the car park where we met a fourth member of our group who had turned up late and missed us. We saw another spotted flycatcher, heard jackdaw and one of us had a glimpse of a tree creeper.

A quiet walk with only a handful of birds and home by lunchtime!

Karen Snow