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Medway Local Council's English Festival - Riverside Country Park

Medway Local Council's English Festival - Riverside Country Park
MLC English Festival - Riverside CP [RSPB Medway Local Group]

Saturday, 21 April 2018

The weather was already hot at 9.30 am when Marie, Rob, Des and I arrived to set up our stall. We quickly erected the gazebo and tables and set out our offerings. By this time Lesley had arrived with her equipment so Rob and Marie were free to leave.

Lesley was going to make bird feeders with the children who were soon to arrive. The bird feeders were a great success; the children did not mind squeezing bird seed into lumps of lard and pushing the mixture into cardboard pots which they had prepared by threading string, attached to a lolly stick, through the base. These had to be taken home and placed in the fridge until set, cardboard pots removed and then the feeders could be hung by the strings - a tasty treat for hungry birds with families to feed. Soon Lesley had run out of lard and seed - over 60 feeders had been made!!

Helen and Rebecca Hall arrived at about 10.30am to help with what turned out to be a very busy day. There were hundreds of people at the event and soon we had also run out of the equipment for making dragonfly models - about 80 of these were made.

We had plenty of chances to speak to people about the work of the RSPB, especially the Medway Local Group, and we told them about the forthcoming nightingale walks.

Marie and Rob returned about 3.30pm to man the gazebo so those who had been present all day had a chance to look around. There was plenty to see in the arena including two majestic shire horses in full regalia. During the day people were encouraged to enter the arena to practice their jive and line dancing to 60s music which was enjoyed by those of us who were around at that time. We also saw other animals in pens and donkeys giving rides. There was a fun fair with helter-skelter and carousel and many stalls selling arts and crafts and food.

The event ran from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm and those of us that had been present all day were fairly worn out by the time we had cleared up and carried all the equipment back to the cars, but we had spoken to lots of children and their parents so felt the day had been worthwhile.

Carol Felix