Trip reports

Nightjar Walk (Leader Trevor Hatton)

Nightjar Walk (Leader Trevor Hatton)
Tree pipit [Chris Gomersall]

Saturday, 30 June 2018

15 of us met at Kings Wood, Challock on a lovely sunny evening with the hope of seeing the elusive nightjar. Trevor warned us that it would turn cold later, that the midges might bite and that we should have a torch, so we took appropriate action and set off into the wood.

The early meeting time was to allow us to, hopefully, see tree pipits and we were not disappointed, at least one pair were dancing and calling giving all of us wonderful views. A tawny owl was calling in the distance and a buzzard was hanging about for a while. We also had views of a jay and a calling chiffchaff.

Trevor identified some of the plants whilst we were waiting, unfortunately I can't remember the names of any!

Eventually, it started to get dark, and cold, and just before we lost too much light the first churring was heard in the distance. The churring got closer and we eventually saw two nightjars. They put on a lovely display, flying round us and even over our heads.

We stayed until dark and made our way back to the car park around 10.30 pm

The trip wasn't without incident with Trevor and another of the group falling over, but luckily both were unhurt.

A lovely evening with some of the best views of nightjars for a few years, but not a place to go on your own!

Karen Snow