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January 2014

Thursday, 16 January 2014

View across flooded Ings at Fairburn Ings

Donation to Lowland Wet Grassland Project

On the 16 January the Mid-Nene Local Group made a donation of £1700 to the RSPB's Lowland Wet Grassland project. The cheque was delightfully received by our guest speaker, Peter Holden of the RSPB.
Lowland wet grassland, including water meadows, floodplains and river valley pastures, supports breeding wading bird populations and internationally important wintering wildfowl. Land drainage and agricultural improvement have both left a legacy of degraded habitat, which has been reflected in serious declines in breeding wading bird populations. In addition to the wildlife benefits, floodplains also store floodwater, helping to reduce the risk of flooding to built-up areas.
The Mid-Nene donation will help fund the creation, restoration and management of wet grassland habitat in the midland region, particularly at the Sandwell Valley, Middleton Lakes, Otmoor and Beckingham Marshes RSPB nature reserves.