Sunday, 11 April 2021

Adult and child birdwatching

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Results

This year's Birdwatch saw record numbers of people enjoying nature and counting the birds. But while this may have been a bumper year for Big Garden Birdwatchers, we are not living through a bumper time for the birds. The sad truth is that there are now far fewer birds around.

Over the last 50 years, 40 million birds have vanished from the UK's skies. And it is not just birds that are suffering. The latest State of Nature report found that around two-fifths of UK species are in decline including turtle doves, red squirrels, and water voles. Nature needs our help, like never before!

This year's Big Garden Birdwatch was the biggest Birdwatch ever, with more than 17 million birds counted and over a million people taking part. The top spot for 2021 goes to the house sparrow. It is the 18th year running that this plucky little bird has taken the Birdwatch crown. Blackbirds and robins have also done well this year, both moving up the table and coming in at 4th and 6th place respectively. Meanwhile, finch numbers have continued to fall, with greenfinches and chaffinches recording their lowest numbers ever. The UK's 'Top Ten' results this year were: -

1. House sparrow
2. Blue tit
3. Starling
4. Blackbird
5. Woodpigeon
6. Robin
7. Great tit
8. Goldfinch
9. Magpie
10. Long-tailed tit