Trip reports

Tongham Pool & Tice's Meadow

Long-tailed tit perched on branch

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Nine members met at Aldershot Park for the morning walk. Two ring-necked parakeets, starlings perched on the light gantries of the football field, jay and wren were amongst a number of species seen before taking the muddy path along the western side of Tongham Pool where we witnessed small flocks of long-tailed tits moving through the scrub. From limited viewing areas, coots proved the most numerous species, but three little grebes, a single great crested grebe and eight tufted ducks were on the water. A few mallards and moorhens broke cover and a pair of mute swans were accompanied by four fully grown cygnets.

At Tice's Meadow there were a few common woodland birds visiting the feeders. From Horton's Mound, a kestrel was seen hovering in the distance before a meadow pipit perched obligingly on a nearby fence post. Several others, as well as two pied wagtails were seen on the grass track just beyond the reserve fence. Three goldfinches busily fed on teasels, whilst a larger flock were frequently airborne. A wren enabled excellent views when it too perched openly on a nearby fence post.

Wildfowl numbers were low, but included several loafing shovelers, a couple of wigeon and a pair of roosting gadwall. A common sandpiper on one of the small islands was possibly the highlight of the visit, but with the new hide inaccessible, we were restricted to looking for additional species some distance from the water.