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September 2011

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Kruger National Park - foray to South Africa

Kruger National Park - foray to South Africa

Thanks to Jan who described the evening for us, as follows.

"For our first indoor meeting of the autumn/winter season, Neil Renwick, from the RSPB's reserve at Fen Drayton, Cambs, came to tell us about his foray to South Africa where he visited Dullstroom and the Kruger National Park.
He very cleverly presented the talk by habitat rather than chronogically, and also included some great pictures of the big game, including elephant, lion, zebra (his favourites), and various types of buck.

Habitats included water, of course, highlands and grass lowlands to list but three. He told us how well kept the roads through the Kruger Park are, but that no one is allowed to leave their vehicle at all while out.
This didn't prevent him and his group seeing 308 species of birds in all (and hearing another 3); and he entertained us with some excellent and varied pictures of just a few of those species - swallows, sunbirds, eagles, herons, kingfishers and others too numerous to list.

An interesting and very entertaining evening."

The link below to Wikipedia gives you a few facts to remind you what part of South Africa we were visiting in this talk.

If you click on the 'Download file' link, then you will see the truly eye-catching poster that David (our Publicity officer) produced to advertise this talk.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fame at last! With a mention of our Kruger talk on 13th September.

Fame at last! With a mention of our Kruger talk on 13th September.

We thought we ought to try and make sure that people knew that our North East London RSPB Group existed and I mentioned that Bird Watching magazine had a Notice Board page with the title 'What's going on at a club near you?'.

Jan very kindly offered to write a short piece that we could submit to the magazine and below is the article she wrote:-

"In early 2007, the RSPB became aware that there was an empty nest in the London Borough of Redbridge. It was agreed this wouldn't do and steps were taken to lay an egg and incubate it carefully.

It took a while until it started to hatch, but eventually the nestling became the North East London RSPB Group and in late 2009, it started to exercise its wings.
From those few hesitant flaps, confidence was gained and now, in mid-2011, the fully-fledged adult has a following and organises a modest programme of indoor meetings and walks.

We welcome all visitors, whether RSPB members or not, to our indoor meetings, which take place on the second Tuesday of most months at Snaresbrook Primary School, Meadow Walk, E18 2EN (we take a break in the holidays over Easter, summer and Christmas - just look at the website or call if you're unsure).

This year, we have already heard about places as diverse as Mongolia, The Galapagos and the Arctic and we have a great programme of talks lined up for the rest of 2011 and beyond. You definitely won't need your passport to be transported to South Africa, Goa, The Camargue and, er, Redbridge... so please give us a try and come along on Tuesday 13th September to hear Neil Renwick tell us about the Kruger National Park.

For more information, call David on 020 8989 4746, email, or check out our website at:"

If you click on the http: link below it goes to the Events page of Bird Watching magazine where they have added our upcoming events to their website.

If you click on 'Download file' it shows an image of the page in the magazine where our article appears.

As you can see, Jan has mentioned our first talk after the summer break i.e. Neil describing that South African gem - the Kruger National Park - on Tuesday 13th September.

Look forward to seeing you there (well, in Redbridge if not South Africa!).

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