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March 2012

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

DAVID LINDO - 'Birds About Town' - talk by writer and broadcaster

DAVID LINDO - 'Birds About Town' - talk by writer and broadcaster

A special night for us - our first speaker who you might already have known from your TV screens, and our Group's first cash donation to the RSPB (well, it was a presentation cheque for £500 rather than a bag of coins!).

We were very pleased to welcome David who, when not traversing the world studying urban wildlife, can be found looking for birds in west London at his beloved local patch, Wormwood Scrubs.

During his birding life he has appeared regularly as an expert on BBC1's The One Show and has recorded special features for Springwatch, Countrywise and BBC Breakfast, as well as numerous radio interviews.
He also writes regular articles for BBC Wildlife, RSPB Birds and Bird Watching magazines.

You can find out more about David Lindo by clicking on the link below to get to his website.
He has been fascinated by birds from a very early age, devouring books to learn more and having to wait years before he found another birder friend in his teens!

As we are very keen to promote local birding, we were sure his talk would inspire us to find unusual birds in our own urban locations. David's advice was don't forget to 'look up' and to believe that today could be the day that something out of the ordinary was going to turn up!

He has been involved with the Tower 42 project in London, observing birds passing by - including rare birds such as Honey Buzzards. He showed us an amazing photo of a somewhat stunned Honey Buzzard on a ledge (having collided with a window) that someone had grabbed a photo of before it recovered and continued on its way. It's not easy to see Honey Buzzards anywhere in this country, let alone in London.

I certainly felt encouraged that maybe I will spot some of the more unusual birds that are definitely out there if only we look. I hope many others felt the same.
Now just where would I stop if I were a passing Ring Ouzel?!!!

If you click on the 'Download file' link, then you will see the striking poster that David (our Publicity officer) had produced to advertise this talk.

Download file

Monday, 12 March 2012

Say NO to Mayor Boris' estuary airport

Say NO to Mayor Boris' estuary airport

The RSPB is against the Government including a Thames Estuary airport (commonly known as Boris Island) in an upcoming consultation on the future of aviation. David Cameron is set to announce an official consultation which will include plans for an airport hub in the Estuary, a haven for hundreds of thousands of wildfowl and wading birds. As well as destroying this vital habitat, experts believe an airport here would be at high risk of bird strike, with very serious flight-safety implications.

RSPB conservation director Martin Harper said: "There is no economic argument for destroying a vital habitat for thousands of wetland birds. We would be horrified if this act of environmental vandalism goes ahead simply to suit a short-termist approach to the economic mess we are in. Concreting over our natural environment and pumping more carbon into our atmosphere is no way to grow a long term sustainable future of our country."

He went on to say: "The last Government produced a white paper which looked at this idea and it concluded that it would be bad for business, bad for wildlife and bad for air safety. This Government now risks wasting public money in order to reach the same conclusion. The Estuary is not a wasteland waiting to be developed for the benefit of London, it is a jewel in our natural crown and is only there as a result of years of campaigning from local residents and conservationists."

This issue is important to the whole country but particularly to us here in London. So please if you haven't already done so please Step up for Nature and email the Chancellor George Osborne today.

Tell him we don't need damaging developments like a Thames Estuary airport - instead he should use his upcoming Budget to put the environment at the heart of the UK's economic recovery.

Click on the link to get more imformation about the Stop Estuary Airport campaign.

Click on Download to view / print a campaign poster.

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