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July 2015

Thursday, 23 July 2015

ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT to Defend Nature!

ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT to Defend Nature!

If you have not already signed up to Defend Nature, please do so now, ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!

Much nature-related law in the UK actually comes from Brussels - it's the same across the European Union. A few decades ago, the EU created the first Birds Directive, and later the Habitats Directive, and between them these two Nature Directives oversee many of the laws in the UK that make it illegal to wantonly kill wild animals, build on their homes and more.

That international agreement is being reviewed and you can have a say in it. Other pressure groups for economic growth, land development, international trade etc etc will be making sure their voices are heard.

The voices that support the protection of wildlife and habitats need to be heard too.

Please give 10 minutes of your time and click on the link below to visit