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March 2016

Sunday, 13 March 2016

David Lindo talk for FoTM - Tales from Concrete Jungles

David Lindo talk for FoTM - Tales from Concrete Jungles

David Lindo has twice entertained us at our RSPB meetings so we thought we'd let you know about another opportunity locally at the WaterWorks Nature Reserve visitor centre. He is giving this talk to support Friends of Tottenham Marshes - another local group.
FoTM are a group of local people committed to promoting the Marshes as a valuable and enjoyable green space for the whole community and to protect the wildlife that lives there.

Broadcaster and writer, David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder, will inform and entertain with his 'Tales from Concrete Jungles'. He has visited over 270 cities worldwide in search of urban birds. Join him on this journey around the world in five cities.

The WaterWorks NR Visitor Centre is at Lammas Road (off Lea Bridge Road), Leyton, E10 7QB
Buses 48, 55 and 56 stop nearby; nearest train station is Clapton (10 minute walk);
nearest tube is Walthamstow Central (48 bus starts there).

The WaterWorks cafe will be open so refreshments can be purchased. Perhaps you can make a day of it and visit the Nature Reserve in the morning, have something to eat then come to David's talk which is from 2pm to 4pm,

To book a place, please e-mail

If you click on the link below
you will find more details about the WaterWorks NR.

If you click on the Download file link, you will see the poster that the Lee Valley have created for this event.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Restoring Rivers for Wildlife

Restoring Rivers for Wildlife

Andy Thomas has worked for the Wild Trout Trust for many years as the original photo of him as a much younger man showed! He has a real enthusiasm for his work and the changes that can be made to bring wildlife unfriendly disasters back to healthy habitats.

His enthusiasm really engaged the audience and even though his beloved species is the trout (he mainly talks to group of anglers) and the only bird photo was that of a Kingfisher, everyone seemed very keen to hear what he had to say.

His before and after photos of rivers showed what excellent work can achieve - removing the old style of 'managed rivers' where concrete was laid and steel sheets were erected, and replacing with natural materials such as brushwood bundles and 'large woody matter' (suitably tethered, of course).

Often it is hard to get people to change their ways and convince them that the way they cut back vegetation on river banks and deal with riverside trees has to alter if they want the river habitat to improve and be self-sustaining.

Some new words for me such as riffle - a North American term as when the Trust began its work, many ideas were found on the Internet from work that had been done in the USA.

Andy even showed us a photo of an eroded bank on our local River Roding - unfortunately the powers that be at the time did not agree with the Trust's suggestions. Perhaps in the future some progress will be made?...

Our thanks to Andy for an excellent and informative evening.

If you click on the link below ( it will take you to the home page of the Wild Trout Trust where more information can be found, including leaflets, about restoring rivers.

If you click on the 'Download file' link, then you will see the striking poster that David (our Publicity officer) produced to advertise this talk.

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