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September 2018

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Birds beyond the Boughs

Birds beyond the Boughs

Simon has put together a very creative sound and vision presentation featuring our familiar woodland and garden birds. The variety of calls and sounds that he had blended with photos of our common birds was fascinating. He highlighted the fact that our woodland birds all live together in the same community and can even recognise the significance of some of their neighbour's calls, in particular the alarm call that means 'beware Sparrowhawk!'

All sorts of interesting facts were revealed - such as the way Long-tailed Tits roost together at night, lining up side by side on a branch and newcomers pushing their way in to the middle of the line. An amazing fact was that Nightingales can sing so loudly that the number of decibels recorded has been greater than a chainsaw a metre away!
Normally you have to be very lucky to see a Nightingale sing - I have spent some hours peering into bushes from where its glorious song appears to emanate but failing to actually see the bird. So I was very glad that Simon had included one video clip, made by a friend, showing a Nightingale in full song illustrating the energy and effort of this best of songsters.

So an evening full of interest and entertainment, much appreciated by our audience - as was the fantastic amount of time and effort Simon must have dedicated to put this all together.

Please go to the Events page where this item has a Google Map link to our location at

St Mary's Church (Gwinnell Room)
207 High Road
South Woodford
E18 2PA

We meet on the second Tuesday of most months at 8pm
Our nature talks cost: £4.00 for RSPB & Wren members, £4.50 for non-members, Free to schoolchildren

St Mary's Church is a short distance from the junction with Chelmsford Road. Parking is allowed on the single yellow lines outside in the High Road after 6.30 pm. There is also free parking at Derby Road car park.
It is about a 15 minute walk from South Woodford tube station (on Central line). Buses 179 and W13 stop nearby.

If you click on the 'Download file' link, then you will see the striking poster that David (our Publicity officer) produced to advertise this talk.

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