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October 2020

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Newsletter No.5 - keeping in touch

Newsletter No.5 - keeping in touch

This is our fifth newsletter since the suspension of our regular meetings and walks programme.

If you click on the 'Download file' link (scroll down to the last line of this News item), then you will see our 2-page newsletter.

Here are some of the contents from the first page:

"Dear All,

We hope you, your family and friends are continuing to keep safe. In view of the current uncertainty, we have decided to run all our meetings by zoom until March 2021. Meetings will continue to be on the second Tuesday of the month. The next two meetings will, therefore, be:

Tuesday 10th November 2020 -Update on Copped Hall and Peter's Garden in Lockdown - Peter Warne

We are pleased to welcome back Peter Warne who is going to quote 'I will try to make this talk really special with a start at Copped Hall followed by a visit to my lockdown garden and ending up back with some big stuff as I was allowed back into Copped Hall and surrounding area. There will be some birds but also mammals, trees, invertebrates and fungi.' This looks really exciting with the potential to offer interesting news about our local wildlife

Tuesday 8th December 2020 - Social - details to follow

The first three meetings in the new year are 12th January, 9th February and 9th March.

We would also like to say a big thanks to all of you who made a donation after the last zoom meeting.

Warm regards,
Your Friends on the Committee"

The newsletter also contains five actions for #Revive Our World (a RSPB nature campaign), a member's tale of delight in finding hedgehogs visit her garden and a quiz.

Please do keep in touch - you can email us at

or follow us on Twitter @RSPBNELondonGrp

or follow us on Facebook ( Click on the link below to go to our FB page - as it is a public page, you should not need a Facebook account to view it.

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Sunday, 25 October 2020

New Kingfisher hide opens at Rye Meads

New Kingfisher hide opens at Rye Meads

The Kingfisher bank at Rye Meads has been amazingly successful with broods of young Kingfishers raised nearly every year. If I was asked 'where can I see a Kingfisher', I would invariably reply 'visit Rye Meads when the adults are feeding the young in their burrow'. Given the frequency of feeds, an adult would often appear with a fish within 20 minutes!

However, many photographers with large lenses would also wait for the perfect Kingfisher shot which meant the hide was often full and no-one moved for long periods...

Now the new hide has been designed to try and cater for all with a family section and raised seating at one end and a traditional hide design at the other with a new feature - it has floor level flaps for photographers to get water level shots at special events.

It is worth visiting the hide just to see the art work and photos that adorn the walls, ceiling and outside - I took the photo of the Kingfisher sculpture attached to this item when I went as a birthday treat shortly after the hide opened on 25th October 2020.

If you click on the link below (, you will see the virtual opening ceremony and a tour of the hide.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Zoom talk: Birds of Tottenham by David Cottridge

Zoom talk: Birds of Tottenham by David Cottridge

We are excited to have David as our speaker for the October meeting.

He has worked with a range of naturalists including Hadoram Shirihai, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham and Nick Baker.
David has worked as a picture consultant for Birding World, Bird Watching and Birds Illustrated, as well as having a number of exhibitions of his own work.

The format for the meeting is to open the meeting at 7.30pm allowing time for members to join the meeting and 'chat'.

At 8pm we will formally start the meeting with a quick introduction and then hand over to David for his talk on the birds of Tottenham.
His photos have been taken at Tottenham Marshes, Bruce Castle and his garden!
(If you click on the link below, it will take you to David's website where you can find more information about him and his work.)

Part way through we will have a short tea break (you will have to make your own tea...) and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the talk.

If you are already on our email list, you will receive an email from us with a Zoom link to our talk and further details.

If we do not have details for you, please email us at

Given Lockdown due to coronavirus, it may be that some of you have now acquired an email address and gone online in order to stay in contact with family and friends?

If you click on the 'Download file' link, then you will see a guide for attending Zoom meetings using a PC or laptop. (We have a guide for phones and tablets too which we will provide if you email us.)

The meeting is limited to 100 people because of Zoom licensing rules.
We look forward to seeing you on the evening.

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