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May 2020

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Reed warbler singing in reedbed

Bird Listening - with Wren Group

This Sunday is International Dawn Chorus Day and we had planned our first ever proper Dawn Chorus Walk starting at 4.30am! 'Stay Home' means all these outdoor events are not possible but you can still hear birds singing online!

The Wren Group, whose 'patch' is our local Wanstead Flats & Park, are running excellent, online nature-themed sessions on a Sunday.
Appropriately, it's "Bird Listening" this Sunday - do join them if you can. Details below.
(For details of future sessions, go to

WREN Conservation Group Virtual Field Meetings
An introduction to Bird Listening: How to recognise our common local birds (and what is noc mig?)

On Sunday 3rd May at 11am the Wren Wildlife & Conservation Group will be holding their third free virtual meeting online using Zoom. Please book at site below:

or click on link below.