Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Zoom meeting: A Shropshire Birder's year
Black-necked Grebe by Richard Brooks (

Zoom meeting: A Shropshire Birder's year

Jim Almond took us around the bird watching hotspots of Shropshire, through the seasons and the changing panorama of the countryside. His lifelong passion for nature and photography means he has captured rarities and new records for the county as he aims to see at least 160 species in a year.
He described the best times to go to a variety of sites and what you might find there - all this accompanied by many stunning photos and informative descriptions.

The format for the meeting is to open the meeting at 7.30pm allowing time for members to join the meeting and 'chat'.
At 8pm we formally start the meeting with a quick introduction and then hand over to the speaker for his talk.
There is usually a break part way through to grab a cup of tea. Unfortunately you have to make your own tea, unlike at a physical meeting!
There is an opportunity for questions at the end of the talk.

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