Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Zoom meeting: Bears & Big Cats - Wildlife of the Russian Far East
Siberian Tiger

Zoom meeting: Bears & Big Cats - Wildlife of the Russian Far East

The Russian Far East is home to some of our planet's most iconic wildlife, above all the magnificent Siberian (or Amur) Tiger, the largest and arguably most elusive of big cats. Visiting such remote destinations inevitably brings challenges, and can be a true adventure, encountering some of Russia's most astonishing wildlife including leopards, bears and birds.

Ben Chapple has visited this area as a guide for Naturetrek, a wildlife tour company. He grew up on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset - the UK's most biodiverse area; this helped to trigger his love of natural history (completing a master's degree at UCL in 'Biodiversity, Evolution & Conservation'), and he has since travelled widely in search of wildlife.

The format for the meeting is to open the meeting at 7.30pm allowing time for members to join the meeting and 'chat'.
At 8pm we will formally start the meeting with a quick introduction and then hand over to Ben for his talk.
There will usually be a break part way through to grab a cup of tea. Unfortunately you will have to make your own tea, unlike at a physical meeting!
There will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the talk.

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