About us

We aim to provide an interesting range of indoor and outdoor meetings on a monthly basis, and to promote the work and activities of the RSPB. We offer RSPB Sales goods and other goods, plus can collections to raise funds to support our local reserves. We also produce a quarterly newsletter - please refer to our local website for full details.

Meeting times and costs

Local Group Members 2.00 and Non Local Group Members 3.00. Group membership annual subscription: Adult 6.00 & Family 10.00.

Meeting place

Hellesdon Community Centre (Off Wood View Road), Middletons Lane, NORWICH, NR6 5QB

Committee Posts

David Porter: Leader
Mrs Carol Artis: Treasurer

Other people who help organise group activities

Mrs Christine Cannon
Mr David Cannon
Mr Chris Durdin
Mrs Ella Hopper
Mrs Patricia Mardon
Mr John Mather
Mrs Lynda Quantrell
Mr Roy Quantrell
Mr Philip Howard