Thursday, 4 March 2021

Spring Bird Walk and competition!

As we would normally be doing our bus trip and bird walk on March 21st (who else is really missing these?), we want you to go birding on March 21st!

We'd like you to record as many birds as you can on the day and send them to John Forester at ( and he can compile a list of all the birds seen by you that day.

As well as this, we want you to scour all the birds this month to try and see if anyone can notch 5 spring migrants in the space of a month. We know this could be tricky but it's still fun to try. The 5 species we want you to find are chiffchaff, willow warbler, sand martin, wheatear and swallow. Send John the date you first see any of these species and we'll see if anyone can get all 5. I know some of you will have already seen a a chiffchaff by now, but none have turned up here in Bestwood yet!

Hopefully this will keep you busy this month.

Take care, stay safe and keep birding.