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NWS Group, Annual General Meeting 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

This year's AGM had more significance than normal following the announcement in January that Mary and Dave were standing down as Joint Leaders of the Group. The Joint Leaders' report (written by Dave but read by Mary) highlighted the changes in the Committee, with Neil taking over as Outdoor Leader, Ken as Indoor Leader and Geoff adding Webmaster to his Newsletter Editor role. The Committee were also thanked for the support they had given over the years. Mary added that she and Dave will continue to volunteer for the RSPB.

The Treasurer's report was presented by Angela. The income for the year was £5726 which was somewhat less than the previous year due to reduced income from events and plant sales together with increased speaker's costs. This year, the Group donated £2700 to the RSPB which made the total for the last 20 years over £96,000. The amount collected from pin badges was £2465 making the Group 9th out the 33 in the SE Region.

Due to the continued rise in costs, the Committee felt it necessary to propose an increase in the annual Group membership fee to £12 for a single and £20 for a double - this was agreed by the AGM.

As no new Leader had come forward, it was explained to the members that the Committee would keep the Group running at least until the next AGM. Apart from Mary and Dave, the rest of the Committee agreed to stay on and Diane Vowles rejoined the Committee. As always, a list of the Committee Members can be found on *page 15. The AGM agreed to continue funding the same projects as in the previous year, i.e. Lowland Heathland, Engaging With Young People and Farming and Agriculture/Turtle Doves.

After the conclusion of the main AGM business, Alan Sharps read a letter to Mary and Dave from Chris Corrigan (SERO Regional Director) thanking them for their years of volunteering and running the North West Surrey Local Group. Neil Bew also gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the Group to Mary and Dave. Small tokens of appreciation were given to Mary and Dave.

The meeting closed at 20:25.
Alan Pugh