Trip reports

Wisley Woodfest (2015)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

We have been invited to Wisley on a number of occasions, but the Woodfest was a new event for them. I turned up on Friday afternoon to set up, and to be honest I was not sure that the location we had was going to be very good. Once again my judgement proved totally wrong when I turned up in a T Shirt, however by the end of the day people liked the lovely shade of blue I had turned. The day itself was busy, very busy, and at times we actually had queues waiting to talk to us.
Sunday came, and I was not going to be caught out again; jumper on and coat at the back. Wrong again, lovely day.
As you may have noticed I am good at getting it wrong and I was not finished as I told those at the start of the day that it could not be as busy as Saturday. Boy, DO I know how to get it wrong!

Michael Cooper
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