Tuesday, 31 March 2020

An important notice about BTO Garden BirdWatch
Juvenile great spotted woodpecker Lyn Ebbs

An important notice about BTO Garden BirdWatch

In our house we have been subscribing to Garden BirdWatch almost every week for over 20 years. Not the Big Garden Bird Watch (we do that every year, too) this is the British Trust for Ornithology's version where you send in your records on a weekly basis.
Many of us are getting a lot of relief from the anxieties of having to stay at home by watching the wildlife in our gardens. To help us get through this difficult time the BTO is waiving the subscription fee to its Garden BirdWatch project.
There is more information on their website (follow the link below) and if it's something you already do, then please tell your friends about this offer.
The nesting season is well underway, so you may soon be able to keep a record of young birds in your garden.