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Great tit at birdtable

Friday, 10 May 2019

If you have found a baby bird then the best thing to do is leave the bird where it is as mum and dad are probably not far away or catching food for the baby. More...

Cliffs and seabird colony at RSPB Fowlsheugh nature reserve

Monday, 15 April 2019

Seawatching is an acquired taste, practised by the dedicated few or done occasionally by the birdwatcher who wants to increase their year list (i.e. me). Our local seawatching mecca is Selsey Bill More...

Adult and child birdwatching

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Are you interested in birds and wildlife?Would you like to attend a monthly presentation by a local speaker? More...

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Latest trip report

Male merlin perched on old fence post, Shetland

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Between 1st October 2017 & 30th September 2018 the group had a total of 52 walks, a further 2 walks were cancelled because of severe weather. More...

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