About us

The group aims to hold interesting meetings on the first Friday of each month from September to May. (In January the meeting is held on the second Friday). There is usually an external speaker at these meetings but we also hold Members' Nights where quizzes and internal presentations are the order of the day.

We have two regular monthly outings one on a Sunday following the indoor meeting which, is an all day outing and the other on a Saturday mid month for two hours to a local wildlife spot. We also have two coach trips per year.

Meeting times and costs

Meetings are generally free to all but there can be a small charge for Non-Group members at some of our premier presentations.

Meeting place

The McMaster Centre, 2a, Donaldson Drive, RENFREW, PA4 8LX

Committee Posts

Ms Shelley Mellor: Leader
Ms Lesley Hill: Treasurer
Mr Lamont Brown: Secretary

Other people who help organise group activities

Miss Sheila Bennie
Miss Margaret Brown
Mr Archie Butter
Mrs Doreen Clark
Mr Reg Clark
Mrs Judy Hayton
Mr David Mellor
Mr Derek Parkes
Mrs Rachel Paterson
Mr Jim Sutherland