Monday, 23 December 2019

Hobby chasing dragonflies

Help defend our birds of prey

Recently, a marsh harrier was found near Scarborough with a broken wing, caused by shooting. The shotgun pellet was removed and the wing patched up, and the bird was released back into the wild. But many birds aren't so lucky. Scientific studies show that raptor persecution is not going away, and there are far fewer birds of prey in places like District than there should be. The figures in Birdcrime represent the tip of a far larger iceberg, and many birds will be killed and their bodies never found.
The ongoing illegal shooting, trapping and poisoning of birds of prey is naturally an emotive issue, which causes great outrage among those of us who enjoy wildlife and want to see our birds of prey flying free from the threat of persecution. In response, this August the RSPB launched a Bird of Prey Defenders appeal for anyone who wants to donate money to the charity's Investigations Team, which fights to protect birds of prey and expose crimes against them.
Mark Thomas heads up the small team, which is based in Sandy and Edinburgh. He said, "People are naturally shocked by the stories and pictures they see. They're also increasingly angry that nothing is changing. There's a huge body of people out there asking us, 'What can we do?'. We hope that
this appeal will give people a tangible means of taking action. Individuals' donations will go directly to the RSPB Investigations Team. It'll help us get boots on the ground so that we can monitor at-risk areas and ultimately catch the people killing these incredible birds."
To find out more about how you can help, visit: