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Guide to posting special birds
(I would have this in bold or underlined if this pathetic editor would allow it!!)

The point of the sightings page is to provide an easy-to-use, unrestricted and rapid means of spreading information on where to see birds in our area. By and large it is successful in that, but when making observations about birds please bear in mind that for some birds it is better not talk about them on a site the whole world can read. There are people about with interests not compatible with ours, viz egg collectors, gamekeepers etc. so please avoid discussing sensitive species, especially during the breeding season. Birds that have been mentioned on this site in the past, including by me, which perhaps shouldn't have been are Ruddy Duck, Black-necked Grebe and Hen Harrier. If enough interest is shown I could set up a closed group in Yahoo or somesuch to use in these cases.