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November 2017

Friday, 17 November 2017

Minutes of AGM held at the Memorial Hall, Bayston Hill on October 24th 2017 at 7.30pm

Minutes of AGM held at the Memorial Hall, Bayston Hill on
October 24th 2017 at 7.30pm
1 Present.
See list of members present on page 4. Connie Sansom, the newly appointed Local Groups' Officer for the Midland Region of the RSPB was introduced and welcomed.
2 Apologies.
Apologies were received from Ian Baggley, John Clayton and Bryant Rudolph.
3 Minutes of the AGM held on October 25th 2016 were approved.
4 Matters arising from the previous minutes.
Daytime meetings: The availability of the Memorial Hall during the day time is extremely limited. When asked, the membership showed little interest in daytime activities.
5 Chair's Report
Jane thanked the members of the committee for their time and effort and said the team worked well together. In particular she appreciated the work Brian Lyon has done to enhance and update our website which is often the point of contact for many newcomers to the area.
She noted that the field trip in January 2017 saw a dozen members braving snow showers at Ellesmere in contrast to the trip to the Severn Valley Country Park in June on what was one of the warmest days of the year.
Moving on to the topic of the need to finance up to eight speakers a year covering a diverse range of topics Jane pointed out that fees and travelling costs were continuing to rise. If we wished to avail ourselves of the occasional speaker from further afield then an additional cost for accommodation might be incurred. As the majority of our outgoings are spent on the indoor meetings the committee feels the door money and raffle should mostly fund the evening programme rather than relying on the annual membership fee. Compared to other leisure activities £2 for members and £3 for the occasional visitor is extremely good value. The proposal to raise the prices to £3 and £5 respectively from January 2018 was opened for discussion by the membership. The following votes took place:
1. To raise the charge for an evening meeting from January 2018 to £3 per member. Proposer-Brenda Faulconbridge, seconder-Janet Stone.

2. To raise the charge for an evening meeting from January 2018 to £5 per visitor.
Proposer-Gill Evans, seconder-Sue Brealey.
Both motions were passed by a large majority.
Jane then moved on to future directions of the group. She pointed out that the group was heavily biased towards mature members and the long-standing health of the group depended on encouraging younger generations to join. She suggested younger family members, either sons/daughters or even grandchildren could be encouraged to come to meetings as occasional visitors when staying in the area. After all, every generation likes watching nature programmes on TV. Brenda Faulconbridge suggested after the meeting that there could be a reduced rate/no charge for young visitors.
Jane also put forward the idea that a coach trip to RSPB Vyrnwy could be arranged in a future school holiday with a particular focus on young people. As long as the cost of the coach was covered Vyrnwy would charge a small fee for each child for the services of Jan their educational officer but accompanying adults would go free. Roger Evans suggested an alternative would be to hold an event in the Memorial Hall at Bayston Hill to which Jan would travel. Jane confirmed that we have a visit to Vyrnwy in our 2018 programme but it is not specifically for children. The idea will be investigated further.
The chairs of RSPB Shropshire, RSPB South Shropshire and the Shropshire Ornithological Society have been having regular meetings throughout the year to discuss ways in which we can work together to further our common goals. Jane suggested members may wish to make some nest-boxes or buy one to be erected in Bushmoor Coppice which the SOS has recently started managing, or, alternatively, in the small wood in Church Stretton which they have owned for a number of years.
6 Treasurer's Report
June Jennings presented her last set of accounts having held the position for over 20 years. She said the club was financially secure at present with a modest £200 increase in the balance sheet. She proposed that the membership accept the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2017. Roger Evans seconded the motion and the accounts were unanimously accepted by the membership.
7 Presentations.
Connie Sansom presented June Jennings with a lovely signed limited edition print on behalf of the RSPB for all the voluntary work she has undertaken over the past 22 years. As well as local group treasurer she has frequently stepped into the breach to cover other jobs when the need arose.
A further presentation to June was given by Val Becousse on behalf of past and present members of the local group. June received some garden gift vouchers to spend on developing her and John's new garden. Her efforts have been much appreciated so she will become an honorary member. She will no doubt still be printing next year's programmes!
8 Joint coach trips with the SOS.
Sue Brealey reminded us that a coach trip was going to WWT Martin Mere on 3rd December 2017. She is also organising a further trip to Rutland Water on 18th February 2018 to which members are most welcome.
The AGM formally ended at 8.03pm.
The following 45 members were present for the AGM held on 24th October 2017.

Ann Andrews
Brian Andrews
Val Becousse
Sue Brealey
Richard Deakin
Joy Dolton
Mike Downward
Jock Elliot-Smith
Min Elliot-Smith
Alan Evans
Christine Evans
Gill Evans
Roger Evans
Brenda Faulconbridge
Alice Gwilt
June Hatton
Michael Hatton
Susan Heard
Tony Hill
Pauline Jackson
John Jennings
June Jennings
Joseph Laverty
Susan Lea
Gillian Lee
Brian Lyon
Steve Mancey
Yvonne Mancey
Jane Muscroft
Heather Parker
Robert Parker
Justin Rhodes
Austin Rhodes
Rob Roberts
Sheila Roberts
Jenny Sheldon
Don Smith
Pam Smith
Janet Stone
Mick Walker
Ruth Wilford
Blanche Williams
Eryl Williams
Colin Young
Marilyn Young